Homework Week 3 – ICM

This week Tündi and I met up on the 4th floor for our rule-based interactive design. When she finished with her previous group meeting, I had already been working on my computer on a design incorporating a for loop and a slider. We spent a good deal of time going over what the code meant, breaking down the  lines into ‘normal English.’

Once we got on the same page regarding my simple drawing, we decided to bling it up with some ideas that Tündi brought to the table to incorporate. We changed the lines to be random colors and tried, quite unsuccessfully, several times to create a background that would load a different color each time we loaded the drawing. We included different attempts at codes both in the setup() section and the draw() section, but nothing gave us the result we wanted. We even tried bringing in code from both of our old projects to see if they would get us on the right path.

Screenshot of one of our failed attempts to create a randomized background.
Screenshot of one of our failed attempts to create a randomized background.

That said, as with much art and despite all of our futile attempts, we ended up deciding that design actually gave us the most interesting effect included no background at all. We had almost gone with putting a background in the draw section, but found that when we took it out it allowed us to paint a very psychedelic, butterfly-like pattern that displayed different widths of random color patterns depending on how slowly or quickly you moved the slider.

We hope you enjoy the result as much as we do–have fun!