Escape Room – Week 3 – Refining Puzzle Mechanics and Flow

This week, we were tasked with two main objectives to focus on in preparing for next class. First was to further tweak the mechanics of our puzzles we brought to class this week and second was to work on figuring out where the puzzles fit within our story.

Several of us met on Friday to discuss the two objectives mentioned above, as well as what we might look toward moving forward. We decided that we would try to come up with extra puzzles that we might use to use as backups, replacements, or inspiration to enhance what we’ve currently got.

We also discussed timing and whether we should work on script, but felt it might be best to work on what we’ve got and see what the roadmap for the class is before moving on to those things. For now, we’re focusing on puzzles—their mechanics and how they fit into our escape room’s flow. Moving forward, we’re going to try to meet every week to see how we might use what we’ve learned to better our project.

Here is my updated word search puzzle:

Here is a link to my new puzzle (with solutions if you scroll to the bottom of the file):

Professor’s Investor Meeting – Seating Chart (Logic Puzzle – for Student 2, Phase 1/Introductory Phase)