note to SELf. (that means if you’re not the best junior intern in this place, quit reading, player2or3!)


first of all, i aspire to be Ee Cummings. if you don’t know who that is, not my problem, but you should seriously check out his wikipedia page, tho, Tbh. also, you shouldn’t be reading this… i’ve already stated, this is a note to self, so stop reading now.


ok… let’s see. some observations about this. here is something that might help this player in solving another puzzle with the others in the next round. what on earth could that possibly mean??? going to school in this town, i've seen a ton of really weird stuff and i mean super-duper, wtf is that kind of oddities, but that person / thing is wild.


yesterday, the professor came into the lab late, again. at first, i thought it was pretty strange and a little unfair, that not everybody has be here on time, but then someone explained to me that when you’re busy doing such incredible, world-changing work—still haven’t figured out what that new project is, but i have some suspicions—you get to sleep in whenever you want! yet another reason to tell dad and mom why being a science major is such a great idea.


i can’t help but wonder, what ALL will i be learning here—surely, things i’ll never forget!