Designing Meaningful Interactions – Week 3 – Future States

This week, we were asked to further our look into our topics by defining our problem statements, creating a future journey map/mood board, and investigating existing/competing products attempting to address the same pain points.

Problem Statement

Last week, I defined my problem statement as a step to getting my persona developed. Here’s what I came up with:

For parents of children ages 5-12, it’s a constant challenge to make sure their children are eating right and staying active. Day and day out, these parents work hard to make sure their families are living healthy lifestyles.


The main problem many of these parents face is finding the time and the best resources to tackle this problem while juggling so many other responsibilities. Today, there is no one best solution for every parent and family and the growing childhood obesity epidemic in the US suggests a lack of viable and sustainable options for this enormous problem. According to The Partnership for a Healthier America, children with obesity have three times more healthcare expenditures than children at healthy weights, costing an estimated $14 billion every year. If this trend continues, future generations will be even more plagued with issues in adulthood associated with childhood obesity, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.


If only there were a better way to address the main factors contributing to childhood obesity—as the Mayo Clinic puts it, “Lifestyle issues—too little activity and too many calories from food and drinks”, parents could proactively promote a healthier lifestyle, leading to a higher quality of life for their children both now and in the future. At a prevalence of 18.5%, obesity affects almost 14 million children and adolescents in the US, and nearly one in three are considered either have obesity or are overweight. With this number having risen ten-fold over the past four decades, there is a clear opportunity to empower millions of people and their families to lead better lives.

Future State Map / Mood Board

Here’s my attempt at creating a future state map using a mood board (linked on InVision):

My attempt at creating a future state map using a mood board.
My attempt at creating a future state map using a mood board created with InVision.

Current Competition/Resources

I wasn’t able to find many well-rounded fitness/health lifestyle apps designed for parents to help get their children active and living and eating well. One app I found that is aimed at getting kids to develop healthy habits–an essential part of a healthy lifestyle–is Habitz. It seems to be the closest thing out there that would allow children and parents to work together on their health and fitness. One thing lacking in this is the nutrition component to helping families plan meals together.

Fortunately, there are many resources out there to help address the issue of childhood obesity as well as sites on fun family activities, ideas on eating right on a budget, and ways for families to improve mental and physical fitness.

Here are some of those:
Childhood Obesity

Fun Family Activities

Eating Right on a Budget

Ways for Families to Improve Mental and Physical Fitness